The Bazaar Eclectica -The Steampunk Market.

The Victorian Steampunk Society operates the Bazaar Eclectica at various events over the year.  We understand that traders are an attraction in their own right and are careful not to simply exploit them as a source of revenue.  Indeed trading is usually subsidised at VSS events. 

We strive to offer traders with steampunk goods and services rather than items that may simply interest steampunks. Similarly we give preference to steampunks who are active in the UK community who wish to trade.  There are lots of other markets and opportunities for general historical, vintage and alternative traders.  Quality steampunk markets are fewer in number and the opportunity to reach the larger concentrations of active steampunks are precious.  Perhaps unsurprisingly spaces at our markets are in heavy demand.  You should also note that we try to make sure a particular product is not over represented at any particular Bazaar to ensure a reasonable chance of making sales.

If you would like to trade at one of our events and you have not previously traded a Bazaar Eclectica then you should email in the first instance with your contact details and further information on the products you would like to sell. 

Invitations to trade are sent out for our events as they come around.  Preference is given to members of the Steampunk Traders Association and then to traders who have recently supported our events, before general release to new traders.  Pitches are usually booked online on password locked sites and are given on a first come first served basis.

Our events:

Steampunk Central at Whitby
This Bazaar operates twice annually as part of Whitby Gothic Weekend. Based in the Rifle Club (across the car park from the Leisure Centre) it is a popular venue for steampunks and curious goths and members of the public.  Trading here is substantially cheaper than in other venues during the festival but we are very strict indeed in ensuring that only steampunk traders are accepted for the Bazaar in line with our agreement with WGW.

The Asylum

This is of course the premier trading opportunity of the year and spaces are always limited. We have outdoor trading available in the incredibly picturesque Castle Square. These outdoor pitches have professional market stalls erected for you and are open to the general public as well as people attending The Asylum.   We also operate an indoor market as part of the festival.  This is open only to people with event wristbands although with a projected 1500 visitors next year sales are likely to be very bouyant.


Sorry but we do not simply send out details of our events, prices etc on request.  Traders are selected because we feel they are an asset to the event rather than simply because they are offering fees.  Full information on each Bazaar is available on the booking website that access is granted to as part of an invitation to trade.

 Download the PDF to the right for a guide to traders etiquette to make your market experience as splendid as possible.

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