Weekend at the Asylum is the largest purely steampunk festival in the World and indeed the longest running. Now in its seventh year it attracts participants from around the world.  For four glorious days the historic streets of Lincoln will thronged with splendidly dressed steampunks enjoying a festival which strives to combine art, literature, music, fashion, comedy and simple good fun. Where else can you find a regency masonic lodge, a Victorian university and a medieval castle as the venues for a retro-futurist extravaganza?

The Asylum is organised and run by the Victorian Steampunk Society which is a voluntary not-for-profit organisation that exists to facilitate Steampunk.

    The VSS has hitherto received no grants or subsidies and the entire festival is paid for wholly from ticket sales.  Even so efforts are made to keep it as affordable as possible and there are lots of free to access features too.

The full programme is published for ticket holders at the beginning of  August (sent as a pdf via email)  Hardcopies are also available at The Asylum.    In the meantime we have more information at http://steampunk.synthasite.com




28th-31st 2015

Tickets on sale




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