The Victorian Steampunk Society awards honorary fellowships to individuals that they feel have made a substantial contribution to steampunk in the UK and are deserving of recognition.  There are no specific criteria or qualifications for the award but the title of  "Fellow of the Victorian Steampunk Society" (FVSS) is not granted lightly and requires the unanimous approval of the members of the society. 

To date the following fellowships have been awarded.

Mr Robert Rankin.  A best selling author, entertainer and raconteur Mr Rankin is well known in steampunk circles as an enthusiastic member of the community.  His early support for the activities of the VSS substantially improved the society's profile and has helped in the growth of the community in the UK.  Mr Rankin is extremely respected and was an immensely popular choice for the award of the very first Felowship in September of 2009.

Mr Peter Harrow.  Peter is a well known member of the science fiction fan community who is heavily involved in the organisation and promotion of science fiction conventions and the genre in general.  He is a tireless and dedicated supporter of the steampunk community who was instrumental in the success of the first ever UK steampunk festival Weekend at the Asylum.  The VSS felt it only fitting for Peter to be awarded the second Fellowship in 2009 

Mr Art Donovan.  Art is one of the World's pre-eminent steampunk artists.  In 2009 he persuaded the Oxford Museum of Science to host an exhibition of steampunk art.  He curated the exhibition which did much to put steampunk onto the establishment map.  The exhibition became the most successful in the history of the museum attracting more than 80,000 visitors.  Art was an immensely popular choice for the third Fellowship awarded in February of 2010.

Mr Ian Crichton.  Better known within the steampunk world as Herr Doktor, Ian is one of the community's leading personalities and artists.  His sculptures and models have earned praise from around the world and he is respected by steampunks for his skills and artistic ability across the globe.  Above and beyond this though Ian has long been a contributor to the community, a voice of civilised reason and encouragement, a facilitator and a dapper leader by example.  The VSS were proud that Ian accepted the Fellowship at the Asylum 2010.

Dr Geof Banyard.  Dr Geof of Fetishman Comics.  Geof is not just a talented artist and writer he is also an exceptionally nice guy.  His tireless efforts to motivate and enthuse the community have made him friends aplenty.  Creator of the Tea Museum and First Tea Lord he always finds time to help out with projects whilst still producinghis amazing work including the Steampunk Literary Review.