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March 28th-31st  Steampunk at the Seaside.

Park Resorts Camber Sands  VSS Event



April 12th - December 2014  Longitude Punk'd 

Steampunk Inspired Art and events at the Royal Observatory Museum Greenwich




April 25th-27th  Steampunk Central 
As part of the world famous Whitby Goth Weekend.




May 23rd-25th MCM Expo (London Comic Con)
The VSS run Steampunk Village at this huge event


August 8th-10th Steampunk Strand at Geekfest
VSS Run feature of this major convention in London.



September 12th-14th  WEEKEND AT THE ASYLUM
The highlight of the steampunk year.  Lincoln.


October 24th-26th. The autumn Comicon, MCM Expo 

at Excel, London with the VSS Steampunk Village.



October 31st-Nov 2nd.  Steampunk Central at the Rifle Club

as part of the amazing Whitby Goth Weekend. 

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