What do we mean BE SPLENDID?

The only rule in steampunk is to be nice to one another.

We are now going one step further.   

BE SPLENDID in your dealings with other steampunks and people in your everyday lives.  If, as a steampunk, you can show how polite behaviour and good manners creates an oasis of calm around you then the world can be a better place.

BE SPLENDID in how you dress and present yourself.  Whether you dress steampunk all of the time or just for meets and gatherings; by dressing well you show your individuality and creativity and bring a little charm and originality to the world.

Finally we all know that steampunks like to make things, modify things and be creative. From events to clothing and accessories. Be it props and gadgets, art and design or music and the written word.  BE SPLENDID in your creativity and let a little imagination and art loose into the World.

So, BE SPLENDID and encourage your fellow steampunks too!